Drita My Homegirl
Jenny Lombard
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Setting: Describe the place where the story happened.
Drita My Homegirl takes place in school.
Characters: Who were the main characters? Write their names and a brief description of each one.
Drita is very nice fourth grade student, who is also creative. Maxine is a friend of Drita that is smart and funny. The final main charecter is a bossy and mean forth grade girl named Bardeen.
Problem/Conflict: Describe the problem in the story.
The problem in this story is the fact that Drita comes from a small foreign country and everyone makes fun of her.
Main Events: Use bullets to list the main events here.
  • In the beginning Drita moved to America.
  • Maxine is a girl who get's in trouble for things she dosen't do.
  • Drita get's into a fight with Bardeen over a basketball game.
  • Drita's mom is ill and has nightmares at night.
  • Bardeen has no freinds and Drita and Maxine become friends.
  • Drita and Maxine are always going over each others house's and talking about secrets.
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