The Stollen Sapphire
Sarah Masters Buckey
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Setting: Describe the place where the story happened.
On the Queen Caroline ship.
Characters: Who were the main characters? Write their names and a brief description of each one.
Samantha, An orphan girl who has a great mind.
Nellie, Also an orphan who was adopded by Samantha's Uncle Guard and Aunt Cornielia.
Plato, A monkey abored the ship.
Admiral, Grandmary's husband
Grandmary, Samantha's Grandmary that looked after her after her parents had died in a boat accident.
Professer, a famous achialogist taking the blue star over seas.
Harry, The professers nephew.
Mr.Billingsly, a rich man on the ship.
Mrs.Billingsly, Mr.Billingsly's wife.
Charlotta, A snoody rich girl eho is the Billingsly's daughter, who is trying to steals Samanthas Friendship with Nellie.
Problem/Conflict: Describe the problem in the story.
The blue star gets stollen.
Main Events: Use bullets to list the main events here.
  • The girls are traveling to Paris
  • They get invited to supper by the captain
  • the blue star goes missing
  • Samantha finds 30 dollars in Nellie's shoes
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