Why We Will Miss Arabian Horses
I think if Arabian horses were extinct people will be extremely sad. Especially people who watch a lot of horse races because a ton of Arabian horses are in races. But Arabians are more than just race horses, they are also loving companions. They have an awkward shaped neck and head. But they are very elegant when they run. But one of my favorite parts about the Arabian is they have an extremely shiny and slick coat.
Arabians live all over the world. But they are mostly found in the Arabian Peninsula. The Arabian Peninsula is throughout South America. The first Arabian first appeared on the Arabian Peninsula over 1,000,000 years ago. Its name was eohippus; it lived for thousands of years. The Arabian Peninsula is a very dry and sandy place. It has little fresh water. When people used Arabians for carrying goods like water and food, people wanted an animal that could go a long way without a ton of food and water. The Arabian horse was perfect.

Most people now days use Arabians as race horses. One reason because the Arabian can run a long way at a fast pace. The Arabian can be used for different things besides racing. They are also used for jumping and saddle seat. Saddle seat is when you use a double bit for jumping you use a single bit. I don’t do saddle seat but it’s very cool.

Arabians have a different shaped body than other horses all horses are different. But the Arabian has a short neck and narrow head. Most Arabians are light weight and light on their feet. That makes it easier to race when they go fast. Or if they are jumping Arabians can jump high because they can carry all of their weight which is usually 800-1000 pounds. When they jump and land, they actually land on one foot. But they are amazing animals.

Arabians are horses so they need to eat. Just like humans. Arabians eat what all horses eat. They eat grass, grain, oats, barley, hay, and treats of all sorts. I love horses so if they were extinct I will be so sad. I think horses and ponies are the best animals ever! We will miss them if they are extinct.