Lady Margaret’s Ghost By: Aiden Tomkinson2-29-12
Felicity is an eleven year old girl. Her mother left her I n charge of the house while she is away. It’s hard to take care of a family when you are so young. Felicity finds that out by caring for her home and father and his apprentice, Ben. She must make the beds, dust the heirlooms, and make breakfast lunch and dinner. Felicity is told a tale about the heirlooms, they belonged to Lady Margaret, She wanted to have a baby before death so her husband could carry out the Merrimen name, But

she got very sick while in labor she died after she had her baby the baby did to, and legend has it that whatever house her heirlooms are in her ghost will follow them. Now Felicity thinks they are in her own home.
Felicity is in charge of her home for a week. She finds it hard to clean, bake, and care for a home and family. Father expects a full dinner from her, so he hires Ms.Hewitt to help her. Felicity hates her so much; she’s rude, and bossy. She is so distracted because her beloved horse Penny was injured. She went to a race to win the Merrimens some money but she freaked out because someone put pointy burrs under Penny’s saddle. Felicity and her friend Elisabeth meet a young girl named Anne. She invites them to watch the race with her. Felicity asks Anne who her father was, she said she didn’t have a father, she had an old friend of her parents to look after her and she was a servant to them, her guardian was William Yancey the man who had bet money on Penny and said she was beautiful. But Felicity isn’t sure about him and they watched him and he didn’t bet money on Penny.
Ben meets a man named Dawson; he said he would work for food and a place to sleep. Ben agreed and Dawson also said he knew how to cure Penny’s wounds. But Felicity is getting a bit freaked out because the ghost tale she was told about was coming true. That day Felicity went to get a candle and tablecloth but they were gone. The ghost was said to have a blanket to keep her dead baby warm while she gets a candle to see her way down the staircase. But at least Penny got better. Felicity still was trying to get work done but couldn’t. She saw something that night and it was wearing white.
The next night Felicity saw the same thing. Felicity built up the courage to go out and see what it was. She walked up to the “ghost” and touched it. It turned around and it was Anne, her friend from the racetrack. Felicity was in disbelief she didn’t know what to say. But Felicity was tired and invited Anne just to sleep at their house that night and they would settle it the next morning.
Anne came to the breakfast table that morning and explained everything. Her parents had died and she got a new master. Her master was William Yancey. The man who had said he put money on Penny in the race. But Anne said she had needed to collect burrs for him and she didn’t ask because if she asked about anything she could expect a beating. And Felicity said she bet he just needed to get an excuse to come over to Penny to put burs under her saddle. Anne said she was sorry for also taking the heirlooms but then put them back because she saw how much they meant to Felicity. And she knew she was going to jail. But felicity’s father said it would be Mr. Yancey who went to jail for mistreating you. And there is a house open to stay in if you are willing to sew and clean. So Anne and Felicity had a happy ending.
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