Which challenge did your group attempt?
Hospital Helipad Car
Pizza Delivery Car
Drag Racer
We attemped to do the pizza car.
Did your group successfully complete the challenge? (10 points)
Write a complete paragraph including the details from #3 or #4 on your green checklist.
We did complete it. But we had trouble with the wheels. One of our teammates just messed around. But we did complete it. Also the car kept braking.
Upload a digital picture of your car. (5 points)
What difficulties did your group encounter
during this challenge? (10 points)
Write a complete paragraph explaining the difficulties. Use notes from #3 or #4.
Well we did have trouble. First the wheels fell off. One of our teammates messed around. But we got it done. It turned out well.
Imagine you are an actual engineer.
Tell us about the following: (10 points)
What type of product would you like to work on?
(For example: cars, shoes, pet leashes...anything!)
Why did you choose that product?
If you could do anything, what would you do to make it better?
Write a complete paragraph explaining your ideas.
I would make an awesome car. It would have wings to fly over traffic. It would be bright blue. It could go up to 500 miles an hour. It would be so cool.