DSCF0001[1].jpgPolo and the Magic Flute
Polo was getting ready to go out of his tree house. So he jumped in his boat with a string. Polo went fishing and caught a mosquito fish that flew away.DSCF0002[1].jpg Polo waved to the fish saying,” good bye.” Then Polo caught a big whale.DSCF0003[1].jpg that flew over and pushed the boat to a mountain to. Polo went from scared to nervous to I got an idea. He leans and then the boat breaks while Polo flew across the air and got hurt. A panda gave Polo a flute. Polo is wondering what to do with the flute but he came just in case he needs it. While he was walking something was invisible. So Polo just walked through it. Polo finds a bus stop and he waits and waits then a snail came. The snail took Polo up a mountain and to a Japan Palace. Polo climbed up to the very top and saw the panda. He played the flute and started to fly. Polo tried so he played the flute and nothing worked. Polo tried again then flew all the way back to his house. The panda and Polo went back and took another flight.